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Business coaches seem to be in vogue. Friends and clients rave about their business coach like it’s the latest fad diet. The Jury isn’t out on them yet. Though the below I can endorse is worth your time prior to your first meet with your business coaching buddy. 

'Everything you need is on the internet. If you are paying someone for information you are being spoon fed.'

Podcasts > Business Coach

Naval – How to get rich without getting lucky. 
It has a click-bait title but is full of information dense, mini episodes that address topics you should know. 
Favourite Topics
– Specific knowledge 
– Be the best at what you do and keep redefining what this is until it is true
– Accountability & Leverage 
– Microeconomics principals of Economies of scale, Network effects an No Marginal cost

JRE #1309 – Naval Ravikant.
This is a good intro to exploring working for yourself, starting a business or side project. I put starting my own business down to this podcast haunting me whilst working for the last company I was employed with. 
This podcasts I personally have listened to over 30+ times – losing count. 

Books > Business Coach

‘Influence’ – Robert Cialdini
This is the sales book. Evidence based sales principals you can test asap. 
Constantly in my rotation – It can take you from struggling to sales success or from moderately successful to the next level! 

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‘Pre-Suasion’ – Robert Cialdini
The follow up to my favourite sales book for those who want to dive deeper and take it to the next level. 
No sales, no business. If you are a one man start up or business you will be doing the selling, at least to start. 
Arm yourself with as much information as possible. 

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‘Skin In The Game’ – Nassim Taleb
My favourite book. Required reading for anyone in business or looking to work for themselves. You will find a set of principals for the economics of life and business.

Blogs > Business Coach

Scott Adams – Dilbert Blog
‘The Day You Became A Better Writer’
Take yourself from a bad to good writer in one blog post. Scott summarises the keys from a one day business writing course. 
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A business coach advises and mentors you on your business journey. They assess where you are at, where you want to be and devise a plan to get you there. They give you advice and bring thigns to light that you should focus on. They can provide an outsiders informed opinion (depending on how good or experienced your coach actually is). 

It is up to you. Business coaches could be rationalised if you do not have any business mentors in your family, friendship group etc. You have tried networking events and co-working spaces like Fishburners and have literally met no one who can give you good advice and you are absolutely at odds with the internet and cannot find and appraise information as reliable or unreliable nor apply it to your situation 

Has this person built a successful business in a field other than advising people on their business? 
If this person is the exemplar in business they claim to be and of a reasonable age wouldn’t they be so wealthy that they could open source this information or only charge a small fee and reinvest this into the open sourcing and help of others like yourself? 
Is this person well connected and in a position to apply the correct advice to your industry and situation? 
Is this person accountable for actioning said advice for your business or simply there to speak to you and ‘advise you’ 

No. If you are a normal, functioning human being – do the research yourself. 

I do not like charging for advice. Advice should be free or if charged for should come with some serious actionable accountability. Business coaches and many consultants are in this murky middle ground where they like to play tennis without the net. They will take credit for all your wins and side step accountability for all your losses as they are your ‘mentor’ or ‘advisor’ guiding you they didn’t make the mistake – apparently you did. 

If you are smart and hardworking you will eventually run into a mentor who will guide you. 

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