The #1 Company Card For Your Virtual Assistant 2022

Company Card

I have debated back and forth on what to do with setting my VA up to make payments for me. You really don’t get the full benefit out of your VAs or employees unless they can pull the trigger on tedious payment for you. e.g. Hey Nina, I forgot to book dinner and an activity […]

Hard lessons learned

The following are reminders to my self – from the pressure cooker to you: Websites are harder to sell than you think. Use anecdotes so your clients understand the complexity + cause and effect relationships. Only listen to people you want to become The process must be frictionless You will never be worth more than […]

How to sell

My sales success didn’t always come easy, in the process I have been told to fuck off, sat through every awkward and tense encounter you can imagine. Ive written this Sales Playbook so you don’t have to go through the shit I’ve been through. Ive tested this on the road, refined and built a successful […]

Upskill with in demand skills for free!

Upskill to give your career a boost! My career was predominantly client side with little hard skills or knowledge – I was confronted in meeting with a recruiter where they bluntly old me I did not possess i diverse enough skillset for the role I wanted. I wash shocked, upset but motivated to arm myself […]

Business coach yourself with these FREE resources!

Business coaches seem to be in vogue. Friends and clients rave about their business coach like it’s the latest fad diet. The Jury isn’t out on them yet. Though the below I can endorse is worth your time prior to your first meet with your business coaching buddy.  ‘Everything you need is on the internet. […]


February edition – save those $ and upgrade your tinder account with the change 🙂 Get the Tee here. Product notes – the Uniqlo fit is with their new AIRism fabric which is great! I wear these tees to work – gym – crossfit they keep you dry! The black color also has a really […]