"Reminders to myself"


Hard lessons learned

The following are reminders to my self – from the pressure cooker to you:

  • Websites are harder to sell than you think. Use anecdotes so your clients understand the complexity + cause and effect relationships.
  • Only listen to people you want to become
  • The process must be frictionless
  • You will never be worth more than you believe you are worth
  • Books are knowledge, knowledge is power
  • Learn to say i do not know more often – you are not google
  • Everyone thinks they can do UX, marketing, PR, Social media, Branding. Copywriting, Content writing, Business development, Stakeholder management. No one thinks they can code unless the can.
  • You can never be working with people who are too high in:

    – Intelligence

    – Energy

    – Integrity

  • To be successful at scale or in ways that others are incapable of. You need to be right when everyone else is wrong.

  • If you have something interesting to say state in confidently and in short – respect the time of others – most can’t hear over their own agenda anyway.

  • Subscriptions are the client subscribing to you proving yourself each month. If you are going to do it often, learn it, hire it, buy it – bring it in the house.

  • When outsourcing – you are outsourcing the labour not the knowledge! You must know as much or more than the contractor or you will get fucked over!
  • There is no free lunch
  • Success never goes on discount
  • earn to not try and morph into everything the customer says they need or want. You know what you do or want to do – let it be that – don’t get sucked into unfamiliar or unprofitable area
  • Being good at what you do is great but you need to sell the damn thing!

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