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The #1 Company Card For Your Virtual Assistant 2022

I have debated back and forth on what to do with setting my VA up to make payments for me.
You really don’t get the full benefit out of your VAs or employees unless they can pull the trigger on tedious payment for you. e.g. Hey Nina, I forgot to book dinner and an activity for my turn at date night this week (with my GF) can you book a dinner spot and an activity from the list you made for me last week?

If Nina didn’t have a company card all she could do is send me a link and I would have to fill out all the crap on Open table and put my card in for deposit for dinner and clunk through the sign up forms for the activity that night. Waste of time! Why have an assistant when you keep doing admin yourself!?

I find myself driving some times and i hear a book recommendation on a podcast. e.g. Naval Podcast – “if you want a business book read The Wealth Of Nations by Adam Smith”

***** SIRI *******
Text Nina – “Order The Wealth Of Nations by Adam Smith”

I cant order it i don’t have a card?





You don’t want to get robbed by your overseas VA so take this advice at your own risk hahaha. But you want to hit baller level with your outsourcing right?


The Old Way: Credit Cards For Your Virtual Assistant

The old strategy is get a company credit card and issue the details to your most executive VA. You implement strict rules and criteria and if they rob you credit cards have insurance and reimburse you immediately!

The Best Way: WISE Teams Feature

  1. Click here to create a wise business account 
  2. USE MY LINK & GET NO FEES FOR YOUR FIRST $1000 TRANSFERRED https://wise.com/invite/u/brettc259
  3. Set up your accounts
    – AUD
    – USD
    – GBP 

Company Card For Virtual Assistants

4. Add your team members. 
5. Add them as team member only 
6. Set daily limit i recommend to $300 max per day $1000 max per week

7. Then you need to set the ground rules 

Extra Precautions With Your Company Cards

Use the payment approval rules feature to set up approvals over a certain amount.
Personally I have not done this as i trust my assistant and I will batch check her transactions at the end of the month rather than for every single transaction over $100. Use this at your own desgression.
I will however set these up and use Nina as the approver for when I hire more VAs underneath Nina. 

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