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Upskill with in demand skills for free!

Upskill to give your career a boost! My career was predominantly client side with little hard skills or knowledge – I was confronted in meeting with a recruiter where they bluntly old me I did not possess i diverse enough skillset for the role I wanted. I wash shocked, upset but motivated to arm myself with as many resume-worthy hard skills as possible. I found that being purely client-side or a strategist is not enough. The market is too competitive and you will never go on to build anything of your own till you master both the sales and the product. Digital products can be built in a cheap and timely fashion – as can the skills you must possess to build them. 

Upskill in areas that count!

You want to learn the specific skill that you either love to do or no one loves to do. That way a) you will become great at it and be paid for your ability or b) you will be paid in your competency where others are confused.

Some examples of skills few are competent and many avoid due to complexity:
Analytics: how to implement Google analytics on a website, create campaigns, segments and be able to make sense of the data in a meaningful way. 

Coding: This is commonly outsourced for cheap rates in many start ups and even larger companies. This is often detrimental and leads to rigorous project management and testing from the onshore team or operations being brought back in house entirely.

Knowing how to code means:
a) you can build the companies or your own website making you a valuable asset.
b) you can oversea the build and project manage overseas teams effectively. *If you think Squarespace and Wix has killed the need to code you have more required reading ahead of you. 

– Email marketing & CRM Specialists 

– Customer Journey

Upskill with Free Code Camp

What – Responsive web design certificate. 300hrs. 
Why – Every business that is not a technology business will have some technology in it. Why not learn to speak the language of the robot army waiting for your command. Websites are a good entry to coding – you will enjoy the challenge and create something tangible of your own!
Cost – Free

Upskill on the google marketing platform.


Google Ads Certification 
Analytics Academy 

Actions you can take outside of a course to upskill asap.

  1. Build your own resume / portfolio website 
  2. Learn how to use design tools Canva & Adobe suite

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